Meet Our Board

Get in touch with the team behind the
Kinder Chamber of Commerce.

Get in touch with the team behind the Kinder Chamber of Commerce.

Lewis Williams


Chief Deputy Tax Assessor

WORK: 337-639-4391
CELL: 318-481-0588

Barbara Savant


WORK: 337-738-5945
CELL: 337-998-1168

Bobby Thornton

Marketing - Coushatta Casino Resort

WORK: 337-738-7218
CELL: 337-852-4613

Chad Guidry

The Guidry Law Firm

WORK: 337-738-2280
CELL: 337-275-6485

Sara LaFargue

Allen Parish School Teacher

WORK: 337-499-7337

Ryan Nash

Allen Parish Farm Bureau

WORK: 337-738-2588
CELL: 337-499-3011

Veronica Karam

Allen Parish School Teacher / Kinder Fitness

WORK: 337-738-2886
CELL: 337-540-2674

Laura Bertrand

The Daiquiri Shack

WORK: 337-738-6923
CELL: 337-658-3257

Wayland LaFargue

Ex-Officio / The Mayor of Kinder

WORK: 337-738-2620
CELL: 337-370-1906

Dillan Rider

RSG Wholesale

CELL: 337-965-2497

Marilynn Hamilton

Ohh Taste & See Restaurant and Catering

CELL: 337-292-0403

Sandra Burnette

JD Bank Manager Kinder Branch

WORK: 337-738-3222
FAX: 337-738-3077

Jacob LaCour

Allen Parish Fire District #4 Fire Chief

WORK: 337-738-5900
CELL: 337-302-9008

Alex LeBlanc

Big A's Barbershop

CELL: 337-532-5515

Landon Smith

Reed-Riley Smith & Sons Funeral Home

WORK: 337-738-3336
CELL: 337-996-2013

Together we can blend our talents, knowledge, and technology to ensure a better community for all.

If you need additional help or have questions about the Kinder Chamber of Commerce, get in touch with us below.


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